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Durbin Backs McCarter's Nomination for Ambassador to Kenya

Democratic U-S Senator Dick Durbin is supporting a Republican state senator to be the next ...

US Senate Committee confirms Juster nomination as US envoy to ...

State Dept. 29 Oct 2017 0 568

A crucial Senate Committee on Friday confirmed the nomination of Kenneth Juster as the next ...

Maria Brewer Appointed US Ambassador to Sierra Leone

A northwest Indiana native is the new U.S. ambassador to Sierra Leone.

Trump picks new US ambassador to Denmark

State Dept. 12 Sep 2017 0 946

A new American ambassador to Denmark, chosen by US President Donald Trump, is expected to ...

President Macron Nominates New Ambassador to Yerevan

france MoFA 12 Sep 2017 0 784

Jonathan Lacôte has been appointed as new Ambassador of France to Armenia

Pope Francis names new ambassador to Philippines

Vatican MoFA 12 Sep 2017 0 770

Archbishop Gabrielle Giordano Caccia is named apostolic nuncio to the Philippines

Trump to Nominate Cindy McCain as Human Rights Ambassador

State Dept. 1 Jul 2017 0 586

McCain's philanthropic past reveals a long history of personal abuse of nonprofit resources, shady connections, ...

George E. Glass to be US Ambassador to Portugal

State Dept. 29 Jun 2017 1 752

President Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate George Edward Glass, 56, to be the new ...

Woody Johnson to be US ambassador to UK

State Dept. 20 Jan 2017 0 1.9K

NFL team owner initially backed Jeb Bush but emerged as major fundraiser in last months ...