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Continuing U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela

State Dept. 25 Jan 2019 0 75

Statemement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela

Hunt statement on the Matthew Hedges case in UAE

GB FCO 22 Nov 2018 0 79

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has expressed shock and disappointment at the sentencing of British man ...

Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan

MoFA China 6 Oct 2018 0 123

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan-related and Other ...

China responds to Groundless US Accusations

MoFA China 5 Oct 2018 0 113

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying Making Clear China's Position in Response to US Leader's Groundless ...

Foreign Ministry offers condolences to Italy over Calabria flood

Latvia MoFA 21 Aug 2018 0 250

The Latvian Foreign Ministry has expressed condolences over the flash flood that killed at least ...

Estonian Foreign Minister welcomes U.S. declaration on Crimea

Estonia MoFA 26 Jul 2018 0 132

Mikser has made a statement in support of the declaration issued by the U.S. ...

Azerbaijan FM: Statement on Occupation of Aghdam

Azerbaijan MoFA 24 Jul 2018 0 114

Azerbaijan`s Foreign Ministry issues statement on 25th anniversary of occupation of Aghdam district

Palestinian FM condemns U.S. Embassy move

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released on Sunday condemned the decision to ...

U.S. never to recognize Crimea annexation - Embassy

The United States will never recognize Russian annexation of Crimea and always support Ukraine's territorial ...