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Embassy of Mexico in Belize to host Art Exhibition

The Embassy of Mexico in Belize is to open an exhibition entitled: Art/Alchemists, on ...

Polish embassy intervenes over cemetery sculptures in Ukraine

Polish diplomats in Ukraine have intervened over a controversial plan to remove two sculptures with ...

Saudi Embassy launches career day in London

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau launched its Career Day and Career Guidance exhibition in London ...

T&TFA seeks meeting with US Embassy

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has requested meeting with the US Embassy

British Museum to return looted antiquities to Iraqi embassy

The eight objects will be handed to the Iraqi embassy on Friday during a private ...

Embassy rmarks 45 years of bilateral relations with China

Maldives Mofa 22 Jul 2018 0 85

A special ceremony was held on July 18 to officially release stamps commemorating the 45th anniversary ...

Reynders considers involving Red Devils in economic missions

Belgium MOFA 17 Jul 2018 0 84

Foreign Minister Didier Reynders is thinking of asking members of the national football team to ...

Kono attends opening of Japonismes 2018 event in Paris

Japan Mofa 14 Jul 2018 0 136

Foreign Minister Taro Kono said Thursday that he wants as many people as possible to ...

Malay Prime Minister urges Japan to open university

Malaysia Mofa 14 Jul 2018 0 98

The Prime Minister made the offer to Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono who ...