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Japan FM issues order to stop journalist trip to Yemen

Japan MoFA 14 Feb 2019 0 161

The Foreign Ministry ordered a journalist to surrender his passport to prevent him from traveling ...

Japanese FM official reprimanded for drunken violence

Japan MoFA 8 Dec 2018 0 150

The Japanese Foreign Ministry said Friday it has reprimanded a senior official for kicking and ...

FM official arrested in Kabukicho over illegal stimulant

Japan MoFA 29 Nov 2018 0 137

A Foreign Ministry official has been arrested in Tokyo’s famous Kabukicho nightlife district for ...

DC to rename street outside Saudi Embassy for Khashoggi

State Dept. 28 Nov 2018 0 175

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A, as the panel is known, is expected to vote to rename ...

Malay Foreign Ministry attempts to cut costs

Malaysia MoFA 6 Nov 2018 0 155

Wisma Putra is to tighten its belt and do without premium services on flights and ...

Harassment complaints downplayed at Finnish Foreign Ministry

Finland MoFA 25 Oct 2018 0 104

The ministry has not followed through on its own guidelines for dealing with complaints of ...

Architectural design of Belize Foreign Ministry headquarters unveiled

Belize MoFA 13 Oct 2018 0 157

The comprehensive architectural drawings for the construction of the headquarters building of the Ministry of ...

Foreign Secretary congratulates Iraq on election

GB FCO 5 Oct 2018 0 152

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has welcomed the news of the election of the new Iraqi ...

Sexual related misconduct rife at Korean Foreign Ministry

Six of 12 cases in which civil servants at the Foreign Ministry received disciplinary action last ...