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Continuing U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela

State Dept. 25 Jan 2019 0 59

Statemement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela

Hunt statement on the Matthew Hedges case in UAE

GB FCO 22 Nov 2018 0 63

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has expressed shock and disappointment at the sentencing of British man ...

Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan

MoFA China 6 Oct 2018 0 110

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan-related and Other ...

China responds to Groundless US Accusations

MoFA China 5 Oct 2018 0 97

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying Making Clear China's Position in Response to US Leader's Groundless ...

Foreign Ministry offers condolences to Italy over Calabria flood

Latvia MoFA 21 Aug 2018 0 238

The Latvian Foreign Ministry has expressed condolences over the flash flood that killed at least ...

Estonian Foreign Minister welcomes U.S. declaration on Crimea

Estonia MoFA 26 Jul 2018 0 118

Mikser has made a statement in support of the declaration issued by the U.S. ...

Azerbaijan FM: Statement on Occupation of Aghdam

Azerbaijan MoFA 24 Jul 2018 0 101

Azerbaijan`s Foreign Ministry issues statement on 25th anniversary of occupation of Aghdam district

Palestinian FM condemns U.S. Embassy move

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released on Sunday condemned the decision to ...

U.S. never to recognize Crimea annexation - Embassy

The United States will never recognize Russian annexation of Crimea and always support Ukraine's territorial ...