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Cyber Hacking Advanced Options

Pakistan foreign ministry's website hacked

Pakistan MoFA 17 Feb 2019 0 137

The foreign ministry spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said complaints were received about the site being inaccessible ...

Hunt: Briton whelan must not be used as pawn by ...

GB FCO 5 Jan 2019 0 44

The Foreign Secretary made the comments after Paul Whelan, a US Marine and dual British ...

Foreign hackers attacked Slovak Foreign Ministry

Slovakia MoFA 19 Oct 2018 0 48

The Foreign Ministry has become the target of a cyber-attack from abroad

Logvinov: US surveillance equipment gave embassy staff cancer

Russia's embassy in Washington claims staff were getting cancer from American surveillance equipment

FSB fails to crack Ambassador Karlov’s assassin phone

A Russian intelligence team was unable to crack the phone of Mevlüt Mert Altı...

Germany admits Russian hackers infiltrated FM

Germany MoFA 1 Mar 2018 0 134

German security services have admitted they uncovered a Russian cyberattack on the foreign and defense ...

FCO condemns Russia for NotPetya attacks

GB FCO 16 Feb 2018 0 127

UK judges that the Russian government was responsible for the NotPetya cyber-attack of June 2017

Moscow Slams Leak of Embassy Bank Transfers

The Russian Foreign Ministry is demanding that the United States stop the leak of confidential ...

Embassy denies spying on Students studying in Canberra

China's deputy ambassador in Canberra used the meeting to deny the Communist Party tried to ...