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Post Archives


The Crown Prince of Shame

Ghassan Matar 20 Oct 2018 0 7.8K

MbS has completely destroyed Saudi Arabia's future and no Public Relations company can positively spin ...


The Father of Modern Terrorism

Ghassan Matar 27 Aug 2018 0 10.5K

Menachem Begin: The Nobel Laureate who bragged about being the Father of Terrorism in the ...

Cyber Hacking

Diplomat Guide to Securing Your Data

Ghassan Matar 3 Dec 2017 24 8.3K

In this piece we will explore how diplomats can protect their privacy and security by ...


EU Corruption 'Out of Control'

Ghassan Matar 30 Nov 2017 0 6.5K

Fundamental doubts about accountability and an unresponsive political elite have resulted in a loss of ...