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U.S Embassy Kampala Condemns violence in Arua

The U.S Embassy in Uganda has expressed concern over the brutal treatment of Members ...

Myanmar denies visa to UK parliament committee

Malaysia MoFA 27 Feb 2018 0 61

All-party International Development Committee links visa refusal to recent report on Rohingya

China acquisitions in Canada should not be politicized

The acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in Canada should not be politicized he Chinese Embassy in ...

US Embassy Disappointed about Absence of Consensus over Constitution

U.S. Embassy 16 Oct 2017 0 202

The United States Embassy in Georgia has released a statement regarding the recent developments over ...

Kenya: Uproar over Ambassador Residence in Switzerland

Kenya MoFA 19 Mar 2017 0 142

Parliament has queried the Sh6 billion planned purchase by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ...

UK drop plans for Donald Trump to address parliament

GB FCO 10 Feb 2017 0 262

UK state visit will take place during recess to avoid snub by MPs – and president’...

Brexit: MPs call for White Paper on EU exit plan

GB FCO 25 Jan 2017 0 744

MPs have repeated their call for the government to publish its plan for Brexit in ...

Algeria, India to promote bilateral relations

MoFA India MOfa 19 Oct 2016 0 25

Algeria and India have expressed their determination to promote bilateral relations both on the economic ...

Turkish ambassador returns to Germany after 4-month recall

Turkey MoFA 9 Oct 2016 1 29.8K

Germany's Foreign Ministry says the Turkish ambassador has returned to his post in Berlin, some ...