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Armenia’s ambassador to Canada recalled

Armenia’s ambassador to Canada Levon Martirosyan has been recalled

Haiti Ambassador Recalled By President Jovenel Moise

Haiti’s man in Washington, an ambassador with seven years under his belt defending his ...

Dodon Snubs FM Attempt to Recall Envoy to Russia

Moldovan President Igor Dodon told reporters he would not recall the Eastern European nation’s ...

Senate Votes to Recall Liberia’s Ambassador to US

Senate Votes to Recall Liberia’s Ambassador to US; Terms Patten’s Appointment, Commissioning as ‘...

EU recalls Tanzania ambassador amid LGBT crackdown

European MoFA 11 Feb 2019 0 35

The European Union has recalled the head of its delegation to Tanzania because of what ...

Coffman demands recall of US ambassador to Saudi

GOP lawmaker demands ‘immediate recall’ of acting US ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Russia's decision to expel embassy personnel arbitrary & retaliatory

Russia’s decision to expel members of the Greek embassy in Moscow is “arbitrary, retaliatory ...

Saudi Arabia expels Canadian Ambassador

MoFA MoFA 5 Aug 2018 0 279

Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador in Canada, gives Canadian envoy 24 hours to leave

Jordan withdraws Ambassador from Iran

Jordan MoFA 15 Jun 2018 0 143

Jordan transferred its ambassador Abdullah Abu Rumman from Iran to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry headquarters