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A Holy Mess

The Anglo-American policy of engagement appears to have been a fiasco, its time to try ...

Diplomat Guide to Securing Your Data

In this piece we will explore how diplomats can protect their privacy and security by ...

Controlled Chaos

Ghassan Matar 13 Oct 2017 0 7.6K

The Hijacking of America and the Fallacy of the New World Order

Are U.S. Security Agencies Out of Control

Ghassan Matar 16 Mar 2017 0 60.5K

Many recent indicators point to a U.S. national security bureaucracy running roughshod over the ...

Wkileaks publishes entire hacking capacity of the CIA

WikiLeaks in BOMBSHELL revelation as Julian Assange announces Vault7 Year Zero details

U.K. Rejects Donald Trump’s Call for Nigel Farage ...

Ghassan Matar 25 Nov 2016 0 6.3K

Just as the British government was reaching out to Mr. Trump to reaffirm the special ...

Obama’s CIA Director, State Department: ISIS On The Rise, ...

Obama’s CIA Director, State Department: ISIS On The Rise, Obama Failing