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The Crown Prince of Shame

Ghassan Matar 20 Oct 2018 0 13.4K

MbS has completely destroyed Saudi Arabia's future and no Public Relations company can positively spin ...

The Ghost of Tuesday Past

Prominent critic of the Saudi crown prince MbS Jamal Khashoggi vanishes without a trace

Zugzwang - An undesirable Chess Move

Ghassan Matar 19 Nov 2017 0 18.1K

Why MBS must now make a Zugzwang move; which will disadvantage him no matter which ...

Zero Sum Game - The Unholy Alliance

Saudi has overstretched itself in Yemen, Bahrain & Syria, supporting terrorist groups and totally breaking down ...

The Illusion of Power & Wealth

Author 30 May 2017 0 16.3K

As U.S. President Donald Trump placed his hands on a glowing orb during his ...

In apparent rift with Ramallah, Saudi Arabia halts PA funding

Ghassan Matar 27 Oct 2016 0 265

Senior Palestinian officials say around $120 million of financial aid withheld over last 6 months without explanation

Congress Votes to Override Obama Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill

Ghassan Matar 29 Sep 2016 0 898

Congress on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to override a veto by President Obama for the first ...