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Saudi arabia

The Crown Prince of Shame

Ghassan Matar 20 Oct 2018 0 13.4K

MbS has completely destroyed Saudi Arabia's future and no Public Relations company can positively spin ...

The Ghost of Tuesday Past

Prominent critic of the Saudi crown prince MbS Jamal Khashoggi vanishes without a trace


Ghassan Matar 2 Jun 2018 0 690

As one of the last regional holdouts against a return to neoliberalism, Venezuela has been ...

Sleepwalking to war

Ghassan Matar 21 Feb 2018 0 618

The Middle East is a tinderbox primed for war and our leaders are sleepwalking right ...

Zugzwang - An undesirable Chess Move

Ghassan Matar 19 Nov 2017 0 18.1K

Why MBS must now make a Zugzwang move; which will disadvantage him no matter which ...

It is time for Lebanon to Grow Up

Ghassan Matar 15 Nov 2017 0 16.7K

Only Neutrality can save Lebanon from the destructive forces being directed at it

Zero Sum Game - The Unholy Alliance

Saudi has overstretched itself in Yemen, Bahrain & Syria, supporting terrorist groups and totally breaking down ...

The Refusal of the West to Accept its Role in ...

Ghassan Matar 20 Sep 2017 8 4.8K

Crimes of Complicity: The West has nurtured and created the ideal conditions for the spread ...

The Decline of the Petrodollar

Ghassan Matar 11 Sep 2017 0 2.3K

The US dollar and its economy are in tatters as the US clings to a ...