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Sleepwalking to war

Ghassan Matar 21 Feb 2018 0 592

The Middle East is a tinderbox primed for war and our leaders are sleepwalking right ...

Zugzwang - An undesirable Chess Move

Ghassan Matar 19 Nov 2017 0 18.1K

Why MBS must now make a Zugzwang move; which will disadvantage him no matter which ...

Battle for the Spoils of War in Syria

Linda Kalasova 12 Nov 2017 0 5.1K

Western countries are taking steps to put Syrian oil and gas resources under their control ...

Controlled Chaos

Ghassan Matar 13 Oct 2017 0 7.6K

The Hijacking of America and the Fallacy of the New World Order

Why Russia will not back down over Syria

Ghassan Matar 11 Apr 2017 0 41.9K

Russia's decision to intervene in the Syrian conflict is not about Tartous or terrorism. It ...

Robert Ford: ‘I don’t think the surrender of Aleppo ...

Ghassan Matar 13 Dec 2016 0 1.3K

Interview with former ambassador to Syria Robert Ford

Saudis furious after Egyptian diplomat says Assad should remain

Egyptian Arab League chief has said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could stay in power, ...

The Tussle on who will rebuild war torn Syria begins

Ghassan Matar 13 Nov 2016 0 991

As the war in Syria begins its slow death march, politicians and businessmen across the ...

The War in Syria needs a Political Solution: Paul Foley

Ghassan Matar 28 Oct 2016 0 1.6K

Interview with Paul Foley, Former Austrialian Ambassador to Iran