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Russia withdraws signature from international criminal court statute

Russia was right to withdraw from ICC but for the wrong reasons.

India and Russia sign energy, defense deals worth billions

Ghassan Matar 15 Oct 2016 0 938

India and Russia signed billions of dollars of defense and energy deals on Saturday at ...

Putin Orders All Russian Officials To Bring Family Members Living ...

Ghassan Matar 13 Oct 2016 0 1.0K

News comes after Putin cancelled his planned visit to France following disagreements over Russia’s ...

Putin’s Aim Is to Make This the Russian Century

Ghassan Matar 1 Oct 2016 0 764

Putin has a global strategy to break up NATO and defeat the West.

Big victory for Putin-backed party United Russia

Author 19 Sep 2016 0 506

United Russia, backed by President Vladimir Putin, has won a majority in the country's parliamentary ...