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Wu: Canada needs to be wary of China

Taiwan MoFA 3 Dec 2018 0 130

Canada needs to be wary of China, Taiwan’s foreign minister warns

Taiwan is not for sale: foreign minister

Taiwan MoFA 22 Oct 2018 0 11

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu rebutted a statement made by Taipei Mayor that describes ...

Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan

MoFA China 6 Oct 2018 0 125

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Leader's Unfounded Accusations on Taiwan-related and Other ...

Wu: Taiwan vulnerable to Chinese invasion without US

Taiwan MoFA 24 Jul 2018 0 65

Without continuing United States military support, Taiwan would be vulnerable to an armed takeover from ...

Taiwan artist, group listed for Japan's Foreign Minister Commendations

Taiwan MoFA 19 Jul 2018 0 222

Art scholar Lin Mun-lee and a taiko drum group from Taiwan will each receive an ...

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister visits Belize

Taiwan MoFA 17 Jul 2018 0 64

The Foreign Minister of Taiwan is on a two-day working visit to Belize

Foreign minister reaffirms Taiwan-El Salvador ties

Taiwan MoFA 14 Jul 2018 0 95

A visit to El Salvador by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has enhanced bilateral relations between ...

Taiwan Foreign minister to visit El Salvador, Belize

Taiwan MoFA 11 Jul 2018 0 50

Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu will visit El Salvador and Belize July 12-17

Foreign minister to stay in post despite diplomatic setback

Taiwan MoFA 26 May 2018 0 57

Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu said Friday he has changed his mind on resignation