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A few words about us

Diplomatico is an online diplomatic portal that will save you time and effort when seeking critical insight into the diplomatic world – with up to date information on Ministries, diplomatic missions, and diplomatic news from across the world. It provides valuable information on people, places and events, and has special offers for services exclusively available to the diplomatic corps. As well as the ability for MoFA and their outposts to manage and publish unlimited news, diplomatico features a lightning fast and comprehensive search engine for missions and diplomatic staff, connecting the globe's diplomatic community. By incorporating news, searches and events into a single aggregated site covering over all Foreign Ministries and over 26,000 outposts across the globe, diplomatico will help set new benchmarks and enable better communication and decision making while eliminating all operation inefficiencies.

The portal provides a unique insight into the minds of the most prominent world leaders and governments as well as a mix of high quality analysis,political commentary on world affairs and interviews with Ambassadors. With an audience of over 200,000 diplomats from across the world including Heads of mission and diplomats from every Embassy, High Commission consulate and missions from across the globe. Diplomatico is dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring around the world. Diplomatico reaches an influential audience of commentators, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of regional issues, making it essential reading for the diplomatic community and those engaged with them.

VisaPort Monthly Service Fees

The VisaPort Portal is a wholly contained portal for Foreign Ministries and their respective outposts. Designed to work as a standalone module or in conjunction with the eGoVisa framework. The suite instantly provides Foreign Ministries and Embassies with a fully customisable portal to manage and service their visa policies and procedures. The portal is available in several iterations. The prices listed below are based on an annual contract paid in advance with the first month free. An upgrade path is available at any time and additional features can be added without migrating to higher tier. See prices below for individual features. All the modules interface with the eGoVisa eVisa application module in the user area allowing members of the framework to quickly lodge a visa application with the respective embassies or missions without worrying about changes in procedures or regulations. The module enables embassies to manage all aspects of the Visa application and issuance process without the need to constantly revise visa forms and websites. Framework members interface to the embassy module through a common interface familiar to them across any embassy. The result is a more streamlined application process, the need for fewer human resources, increased throughput and a visible decrease in fraudulent applications. Coupled with the eGovernment module, embassies can better serve visa applicants and nationals, without compromising security. For those ready to embark on a clear electronic visa strategy; the module is readily equipped with the tools and procedures required to realise an eVisa vision to the Visa application process.

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