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Diplomatico Syndication

Diplomatico is seeking Syndicate partners across the world to create a global Diplomatic platform that serves the needs of the International Diplomatic community.

Diplomatico syndication is a process in which a third party, takes over the control and management of a local edition of the Diplomatico portal under the rules and regulations of the diplomatico syndication agreement.Each syndication partner is required to maintain the site in the local official languages to which their syndication rights are granted. Syndicate partners then share in all revenue streams generated through paid content, advertising, subscriptions and other service provisions. The core functions of syndication partners include:

  1. Sourcing and entering all diplomatic news relevant to their locality in the local language.
  2. Maintenance of the data of all local missions including
    • Current contact data
    • Diplomatic staff
    • Event data
  3. Conducting interviews with Ambassadors or other senior diplomatic staff
  4. Creating and maintaining a relationship with the local foreign ministry
  5. Registering Diplomatico as part of the diplomatic corps with the relevant authority
  6. Holding annual co-sponsored event where the entire diplomatic staff is invited.
  7. The promotion of the Diplomatic software that makes Diplomatico possible.
  8. The marketing of the diplomatico portal to local sponsors
  9. The marketing of Diplomatico to the Diplomatic community.

If you publish a periodical or online portal dedicated to the Diplomatic corps then you can benefit from syndicating with us and help us create a truly global online Diplomatic portal