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Canadian Embassy in Athens to remain closed Monday

The Canadian Embassy in the Greek Capital Athens to remain closed Monday in wake of attack

Oct 23


The Canadian Embassy in Athens will be closed to the public on Monday after coming under attack by a self-styled anarchist group on Sunday.

The incident took place at 6.10 a.m. on Sunday morning in the quiet northern suburb of Halandri and saw a group of some 10 attackers smash the embassy's entrance with sledgehammers, as well as splashing red and black paint onto the facade.

A security guard called the police, but the perpetrators had fled before any arrests could be made.

The attack was later claimed by the anarchist group Rouvikonas, which said in a post on an anarchist website that it was in reaction to the activities of a Canadian mining company in northern Greece.

The embassy advised members of the public seeking consular assistance on Monday to call tel 210.727.3400 during regular working hours.