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Controlled Chaos

The Hijacking of America and the Fallacy of the New World Order

October 13


London , United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - 13 Oct 2017 - Ghassan Matar

Three weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall had put Germany into a mood of joyous celebration, a terrorist bombing shook the republic, and the effects of it are still felt today. It was already apparent immediately after the assassination of Alfred Herrhausen, that one of the most important personalities in Germany and in the world of international finance, had been murdered.

Two months before his assassination, at the IMF annual meeting, Herrhausen expressed his conviction that the only chance to end the debt spiral consisted of at least a partial debt moratorium, not only for Poland, and provision of financial means for the economic development of indebted countries. Herrhausen drew the fire of the world of international finance against himself, with that proposal.

Biographer Dieter Balkhausen quotes Herrhausen, who had left Washington quickly following one such meeting, as saying that the air was “full of lead.” Herrhausen hinted on other occasions as well, that he saw himself in the role of a “reformer”—about whom Machiavelli had once warned, that such a person would have as adversaries those who profited from the old system, while those who stood to profit from the new system would support him only half-heartedly.

Today, the situation has not changed much from what it was 300 years ago. By those who profited from the old system, Herrhausen surely meant the international banking world, for which writing off their claims to payment of Third World debt could have threatened their existence.

Herrhausen is off-course just one of the thousands of individuals in any position of prominence to either be murdered, or fall out of favour through an onslaught of intimidation, smears or outright blackmail.

Throughout the 20th century, many prominent leaders have been murdered and the crime covered up either by rhetoric or through a meticulous manipulation of all instruments of government, the law and in many cases, by silencing those who were brave enough to expose the lie or investigate it. Some of these individuals are well known to the world, such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Aldo Moro, Salvadore Allende, Kim Koo, Sukarno, Mossadegh, Nehru, Nasser, Sihanouk, Kassem, Figueres, Papa Doc, Trujillo, Ngo Diem, Caamano, de Gaulle, Guevara, Torrijos, Noriega, Sese Seko, Letelier, Manley, Qaddafi, d’Escoto, Fadlallah, Hussein, Aideed, Hekmatyar, Jörge Haider, Harriri and Herhaussen. These individuals were either Presidents, Foreign Ministers, revolutionary leaders or just prominent. We can go further backwards in time and include prominent US leaders that have also fallen victim to the same fate such as Lincoln, Senator Huey Long, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Harrison, Taylor, and FDR. If I had more time, I could also write the names of thousands of people whose names are unknown and yet also stood in the way of the very same people that ended the life of these people.

I am not trying to lay out the morals or merits of these individuals; like all humans, each will exhibit a wide variety of good and bad traits. However, there is one common and undeniable similarity that binds them, and that is, in one way or another, they opposed the hegemony of central banks and wanted to build or pursue an independent foreign and financial policy that was not dictated by the corrupt, savage, immoral and bankrupt policy pursued by Central Banks.

So who are these people that keep murdering individuals who promote virtue, peace and equality while protecting and promoting those who promote war, death, inequality and have systematically destroyed the wealth of all nations and are destroying the planet in the process. Ask any average Western citizen and they will tell you the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Elites, the Zionists, the Rothschilds, Robber Barons, Wall Street or more common today is the Deep State. Ask any person in the Middle East, Africa or Asia and they will tell you Israel, the Zionist and off-course America.

However, a more realistic description for these individuals is that they are simply stupid, greedy sociopathic crooked gangsters, nothing more than that. They are in-fact the garbage of our society, who in any normal world, would be in jail, producing Victoria Secret underwear and other lingerie, just like the thousands of black and white women who right now in US jails, are sewing the lingerie in slave-like conditions. Yes, the very same Victoria Secret which is promoted by the Models who are paid hundreds of millions to make you feel good about yourself. Whether or not they are the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, the DuPont Family or any of their predecessors, these sociopaths if not psychopaths, have been constantly killing, robbing, manipulating and distorting everything normal people hold dear; which is simply a decent life, equality, virtue and morality and the rule of law.

These people are the very same people who control the now disgraced tinsel town or Hollywood which prostitute actors like George Clooney to sell their agenda, in his case, the destruction and division of Sudan which resulted in famine for South Sudan. They are also the same people that support an apartheid state called Israel that has systematically destroyed 4 generations of Palestinian people by claiming they were persecuted by the Nazis. They are also the very same entity that created Al-Qaeda, now ISIS and soon to have a new acronym and are using these losers to scare, maim and kill loving and moral humans across the world.

To achieve or maintain their status as the top sociopaths and psychopath on earth, they have employed coercion, blackmail and murder as well as a method known as “Controlled Chaos” and their agent of choice was the newly formed United States of America, which they hijacked and turned into their enforcer of choice.

Nowadays, a variety of means are being used in order to implement and extend the “controlled chaos” in the national economies and societies in the geopolitical struggle. The actor, who is using the tool, is maintaining the “controlled chaos” within the opposing country.

Steven Mann, the US foreign policy expert, who took part in the developing of many of the current “controlled chaos” hotspots in various parts of the world, speaks openly of the need to use “increased level strongly-worded criticism”, and causing “controlled chaos” to secure and promote the US national interests.

Steven Mann is a key figure behind the development of the “controlled chaos” theory as a means of furthering US national interests. Mann was born in 1951 and graduated from Oberlin College in 1973 with a B.A. in German. In 1974 he obtained an M.A. in German Literature from the Cornell University and has been a member of the Foreign Service since 1976. He received a Harriman Institute for Advanced Soviet Studies scholarship to obtain an M.A. in Political Science from the Columbia University in 1985-1986. He graduated from the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

He began his career as a US embassy staffer in Jamaica. Later he worked in Moscow, at the USSR desk in the State Department, and at the State Department Operations Center (a 24-hour crisis center). He served as the acting chief of mission in Micronesia (1986-1988, Mongolia (1988), and Armenia (1992). Between 1991 and 1992 he worked at the US Department of Defense dealing with Russia and Eastern Europe, and in 1992-1994 he was assigned to Sri Lanka as deputy ambassador. Between 1995 and 1998, he was employed as the head of the India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka desk at the State Department. Since 2001, Mann has been a presidential special representative to the Caspian Sea countries acting as the main spokesman for US energy interests in that region and a lobbyist for the Aktau-Baku-Tbilisi-Jeikhan oil pipeline.

Upon graduating from the NDU in 1992, Mann wrote an article titled Chaos Theory and Strategic Thought // Parameters (US Army War College Quarterly, Vol. XXII, Autumn 1992, pp. 54-68).  In this article, he lays out the following theses: “We can learn a lot if we view chaos and reorganization as opportunities, and not pursue stability as an illusory goal…” “The international environment is an excellent example of a chaotic system, with “self-organizing criticality” being a useful analytical tool. The world is doomed to be chaotic, because the many human actors in politics have different objectives and values.” “Each actor in politically critical systems creates conflict energy, …which provokes a change in status quo thus participating in creating a critical situation…and any course of action brings the state of affairs into an unavoidable cataclysmic reorganization.”

The main thought which flows from Mann’s thoughts is to bring the system into a state of “political criticality.” Then the system, given certain conditions, will unavoidably enter chaos and “transformation.” Mann also writes that “Give the US advantage in communications and growing global mobility capabilities, the virus (in the sense of an ideological infection) will be self-replicating and will expand chaotically. Therefore our national security will be preserved.” And further: “This is the only way to establish a long-term world order.

If we cannot accomplish such an ideological change in the whole world, we will have only sporadic periods of calm between catastrophic transformations.” Mann’s words about “world order” are there for the sake of political correctness. Because his article speaks only of chaos which, judging by Mann’s words, will be the “best guarantee of US national security,” with only the US able to preserve itself as an “island of order” in an ocean of “controlled criticality” or global chaos.

According to the “theory”, dismantling of the already existing nation-states, traditional cultures, and civilizations can be accomplished by:

  • De-ideologizing the population
  • Dumping the “ballast” of the already existing values, and replacing them with one’s own set
  • Increasing material expectations, especially among the elite
  • Loss of control over the economy and its ultimate destruction
  • Unlawful actions by supposedly spontaneous movements which often have ethnic or religious character

Once implemented, these key policies lead to “colour revolutions.”

“Controlled chaos” theory is based on reforming the mass consciousness, worldviews, and the spiritual sphere by subjecting individuals to modern means of manipulation. It amounts to a global psychological operation that is part of globalization and which destroys the culture of solidarity and replaces it with a cult of money and of Social-Darwinist stereotypes concerning the role of an individual in society. The masses’ ability to offer resistance through self-organization is thus diminished.

Given the effects of such technologies, the “controlled chaos” actors are pursuing the following objectives:

  1. Reducing the size of the population by eliminating those who are not of use to the architects of the new world order. Neoliberal reforms bring about a demographic catastrophe by reducing birth rates and increasing death rates. The sexual revolution, propaganda of hedonism, individualism, and consumerism reduce birth rates. Social-Darwinism and indifference to the suffering of close ones deprive people of their will to live and increase death rates. The large number of poor and homeless people amounts to a de-facto euthanasia mechanism, as people in these categories die quickly. Though more people are pulled down to replace them.
  2. The objective of destroying a nation states that imposing control over them is intercepted by transnational corporations, crime syndicates, supranational organizations and institutions, which answer to those who employ controlled chaos technologies. This task combines “soft power” with barbaric military aggression (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iran on the cards). This process facilitates the aggressors’ control over the global financial, military, and information resources.

We should note that the US and the EU economies grow not by increasing their output but by reapportioning wealth between the strong and weak states. This is accomplished by weakening the nation-state (usually by drawing it into a debt trap), privatization, and buying up all manner of national assets, including natural ones.

Under the pressure of the financial institutions, the nation-state becomes a tool of this type of globalization by privatizing and reducing expenditures on social needs or on maintaining science and culture. States also organize mass illegal labor migrations which render individual workers much cheaper which deprives them of rights. In combination, the two tasks deprive the target state of its ability to function as an international actor. It is a covert way of eliminating economic competitors. The main symptoms of the loss of one’s sovereignty include the inability to perceive and interpret the situation, rise above it, assert one’s identity, and the ability to implement bold, breakthrough ideas.

As a result:

  • The state is no longer self-governing, it does not have a development strategy, and it cannot ensure decent living conditions for its citizens and guarantee constitutional rights.
  • Corrupt officials play a key role in controlling the economy and society.
  • The middle class is disappearing, it is being disorganized, and alienated.
  • Political parties and movements are mere facades.
  • Societal movements have no actual effect on politics.
  • Citizens are passive and have major identity problems (state, ethnic, family).

Let’s look at a few examples of controlled chaos implementation aimed at depriving foundations of national independence.

1. Neutralizing the drive to develop. This was achieved by the Destruction of state policy apparatus by seeding it with agents of influence. By Infection through corruption, promoting a cult of money which is freely printed by the same people orchestrating the chaos. By systematic and unecessary Government bureaucratization. By Removing the scientific community from influencing the country’s policies. ByMythmaking: “the market will fix everything.”

2. Blocking the reaction reflex: To achieve this, they systematicallly encouraged the mass export of cult organizations. They deployed political technologies in election campaigns as well as rigging elections. They Transformed the media into market actors. They promoted a primitive mass culture.

3. Destroying communications links. They encouraged Individualization through neoliberalism, the atomization of society, even getting individuals to question their own gender. They destroyed most community ties, townhalls, church and other gatherings. They destroyed or neglected public transport networks. They promoted ethnic and religious conflicts. They engaged in class fragmentation into rich and poor class. They encouraged inter-generational conflict, first by destroying the economy, then by deploying deceitful marketing campaigns aimed at abolishing inheritance through equity release; and recently they are going after communal activities such as sports, concerts and cinemas.

4. Reducing the ability to influence events - To eliminate the opinion and choice of indiciduals, they have used  manipulative techniques in election campaigns. They have promoted neoliberal ideologies, such as individualism and atomization. They have elevated the cult of money and a system of primitive values. They have shut down independent media and are now targetting the alternative media on the web. They have promoted corruption and criminalization, going as far as glorifying it.

5. Reducing the ability to pursue development: They have arrested development by destroying domestic science and educational progress. They endlessly promote deindustrialization through privatization, bankruptcy, and destruction of professional training system. They have nurtured the Elimination of capital controls. They have encouraged the Credit dependence on international financial systems. They promote the inability to resist import dependence. and they are preventing the society’s active participation in the country’s development.

The US is currently the main actor using “controlled chaos” tools with the aim of seizing control over a country or region and preventing it from pursuing its own development. However, America and its grass roots is also the victim of this chaos, in fact the first victim.

The Controlled chaos is de-facto neo-colonialism which transforms countries into resource suppliers to the First World predominantly controlled by the very same sociopath and psychopath discussed above. It entails predatory relations in trade and property acquisition which runs directly against international norms of non-interference in domestic affairs.

They achieved this by hijacking the security services, military and intelligence of the powerful nations such as the CIA and have them serve their needs; the Muscle. However, the problem with greed is that it eventually runs out of resources to rob; and this is where we are right now; there is nothing left to steal; We are witnessing the reversal of these failed attempts at world hegemony and although many nations have fallen, nations like Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, China, Brazil have stood up to these scourge of humanity and sociopath and have defeated them.

It is time for all people with conscience to wake up, and stop being hypnotized by worthless money, because this is all these individuals are offering, a piece of paper they can print at will. It is time to stop being scared of these worthless people; to put the future of your children and grand children ahead of worthless material wealth; It is time to prove to the world that you have moral courage to differentiate between reality and fiction. It is time to boot them out, put them on trial and send them to jail; where they truly belong, but not to sew Victoria Secret Lingerie, but to spend the rest of their life cleaning up the mess they have created.


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