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How greed, corruption and incompetence destroyed the world

As we watch the sad and endless circus before our eyes, it is hard to be optimistic about our future.

January 17


London , United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - 17 Jan 2017 -

When we look around, we are so blown away by the concept that the world around is advancing, and that we all should desire to be a part of it somehow. We see major advances in amazing technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nano-technology, and more.

It is as if everyone is working towards a post-human era and we are all on one big team that share the same common goal of creating a better world for tomorrow. How very wrong and naïve that perception is. The world is not this vision of utopia, instead it is an arms-race to build the smartest bombs, smartest phones, strongest robots, smartest A.I. – to defend against what their competitors are building.  It is a world that is rife with corruption and abuse of power; it is a race to the bottom driven by the endless pursuit of amassing wealth to the detriment of everything human.

We have sacrificed family, social interactions, free speech, proper education, the poor, the destitute, our health, our environment. We have poisoned our children, our backyard. We sit idly and watch the killing of helpless people because we are too fat, lazy or stupid to see that the entire world has become one disgusting cesspit of abuse. Look around you. Is this what you thought the world would look like in the 21st century.

If the ruling class or elites really cared about us, they wouldn’t fill prisons with people who have committed minor drug offenses – I’m pretty sure prison will ruin someone’s life more than smoking marijuana. If they really cared, cigarettes would be illegal. Our education budget would be equal to, or greater than, our military budget. Every man, woman, and child would have a home and a healthy diet – because we have the resources to actually make that a reality. The reality is that the world is driven by the blind pursuit of money which make lame people seem cool, makes dumb people seem smart and successful, and makes old men attractive to girls.

We Wonder why a certain event is happening in the world but never question the real motives behind it. We take at face value the endless narrative by all governments, that they are defending liberty, democracy and freedom, while systematically eliminating liberty, democracy and freedom at home and abroad.  The war on Afghanistan, is portrayed as a war on terrorism while anyone with an inkling of common sense knows it's a war about greed about the control of Lithium, Opium and other minerals. The war on Iraq was to export freedom, yet we all know it was about the control of Iraq’s natural resources, about the destruction of a nation that wanted no part in this economic system that renders everyone as a mindless consumer. We constantly support any dictator who is corrupt, and eliminate genuine rulers that simply want to create a better life for their people. The people of Palestine are called and treated like terrorists, but their conquerors and subjugators are armed to the teeth with the latest deadly weapons while we are told that they are defending themselves.

We are happy to accept the millions or billions of dollars from corrupt officials, yet question a person depositing a few thousand dollars. Our governments go out of their way to do everything to makes our lives miserable, hard, competitive, unhealthy while delivering babbling speeches that make no sense. They tell us that there is no inflation when everything that we need is going up; they tell us they are creating jobs, when in fact, jobs are being lost at the fastest pace ever; they tell us they are delivering growth, but fail to mention that printing money and inflation does not equal growth. They decimate our savings, destroy our pensions yet still try to convince us that they are in control by deploying the most pathetic propaganda campaigns.

Our current technology is set to outpace our human skills within not decades, but years. And who is in charge of this technology? Extremely wealthy, power-hungry people, and giant corporations that, by law, are required to put profit before anything else. Including human life. If destroying a small town’s water supply in the pursuit of oil in the past wasn't an issue, what makes you think they will change their ways in the future?

And yet, all we care about is that it feels good to have a nicer car than our neighbor. And so long as you and your family are doing okay, you really don’t care about other people’s suffering or misery. And because you’re afraid that without fancy clothes and expensive sunglasses people will suddenly be forced to judge you based on your character, intelligence, and goodwill towards others.

People complain about not being able to find a job, but never realize that the entire economic model is now obsolete. The jobs aren’t coming back. Things are happening so fast that entire industries will disappear. Yet our governments are still printing money thinking they will solve the problem and bring back the economic growth of the past. What a farce. Every penny that is printed is being borrowed from the future and goes straight into the very same pockets that have led us down this black hole. There is no economic recovery, there is no growth, there are no new jobs; what there is an illusion that has reached its limits. All that is left is the propaganda and nonsense that we call news.

The problem with our current economic system is that it was never sustainable. It was and is based on class, indifference, inequality, superiority and power and while it has brought about some temporary economic benefits for the masses (which are beginning to wear off), has led to the near destruction of the planet, to the senseless killings of millions of people and the destruction of our everything important to us. It is like evolution in reverse.



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