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Sleight of Hand

The United States deploys its Trump card to obfuscate the real issue

December 14


London , United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - 14 Dec 2017 - Ghassan Matar

In magic, the sleight of hand (also known as prestidigitation or legerdemain) refers to fine motor skills used by performing artists in different art forms to entertain or manipulate.

As the world raged in fury of US President Donald Trump’s announcement of the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal and undividable capital of Israel, something most of his predecessors constantly repeated; and frankly was not a surprise, given his close and open friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu, a different bit of news, was not subjected to the same degree of consternation and rage; the news I am referring to is the missing $21 trillion dollars.

In contrasts to potential accounting errors, what we are talking about is not misplaced spending, but the magical appearance of $21 Trillion that should not be in existence. Even after all the quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, the total should not exceed $4.5 Trillion; as it stands right now, it seems that the US has printed 5 times more money than they are admitting to.

In fact, only one article mentioned the number in its headline. The article read “A $21 Trillion Global Pandora’s Kitty”, this is in sharp contrast to the Jerusalem headlines which numbered in the tens of thousands. In fact, every politician in the world was focused on Trump’s announcement; foreign ministers were shuttling around the world, summits were being arranged and the entire main stream media from Television to the Internet was focused on their chaotic diplomatic overtures ranging from utter denunciation to the usual meaningless diplomatic lingo that ushers from the mouth of our diplomats.

We are constantly reminded that the US federal debt is rising exponentially and that it will approach $21 trillion in a matter of months, and we have gotten used to it; we know the United States and most other nations can never pay off their debts; we know they will not honestly default, we know they won’t stop spending and we know they are fidgeting their numbers; we also know that each subsequent administration will double the federal debt; we also know that the government is buying back its own debt, investing in stocks, buying mortgages and other instruments; in fact we should all by now be convinced that there was never an economic recovery, that the quantitative easing and low interest are propping up the economy and that things will never be the same as before; as bad as all this sounds; and so long as everyone is playing by the same; then we have nothing to complain about; however when an eye-popping equivalent amount seems to have gone cumulatively missing from government coffers over the past two decades and from just 2 agencies, then the story is rather different.

Imagine playing a game of monopoly with four friends; there are 5 of you and you all agreed to divide up the money equally at the beginning. Now imagine, you secretly acquire 5 additional board games and use that money in the same game without anyone else knowing; who do you think will win the game and would your playmates be shocked with horror if they found out; well actually there could only be one winner and your playmates would feel cheated and robbed; and that is exactly what the announcement of the missing $21 trillion means; except it applies to everyone in the world.

If we extrapolate this to other countries and assume they are doing the same, then it is now impossible to know the value of anything, simply because we are missing an essential variable from the equation which is the total amount of money in circulation. If you replace a core and known value such as this with an unknown variable, then you get chaos, distorted markets or more to the point what we have in the world right now.

The missing $21 trillion was tabulated by a team of researchers led by Dr. Mark Skidmore, Morris Chair of State and Local Government and Policy at Michigan State University. Skidmore’s team tallied up “un-documentable adjustments” – a euphemism for accounting prestidigitations – at the US Department of Defence (DOD) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) between 1998 and 2015.

This was not a new phenomenon as on September the 10th, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld shocked the world when he announced that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion; which has now mushroomed to around $8.5 trillion. The Sept 11 terror attacks the very next day consigned these trillions into a black hole of oblivion, something akin to the recognition of Jerusalem as the undividable capital of Israel which also acted as buffer to the outrage.

The idea that the United States cheats by over printing its currency supply is not new either; the collapse of the Bretton Woods accord was for the very same reason; in that case, De Gaulle began calling in France’s dollars which were guaranteed by Gold; Nixon moved quickly to close the conversion window and the Anglo-American system moved to the Petro-Dollar standards; which is now ailing for the very same reason.

The trillion-dollar drainage from US government agencies has occurred synchronously with the relentless wealth fractionation process worldwide, along with a rise in global socioeconomic volatility, resulting in 80 individuals having the same wealth as 3.5 billion people.

We do not yet have the details of these missing trillions; and the recently announced congressional audit will for all sense and purposes, be a typical government whitewash explaining nothing; implicating no one and simply imposing new rules that do nothing other than add additional layers of obfuscation to the real issue; which is plain out corruption.

Given that the elites are simply cheating; and that governments are powerless to stop them, where is all this heading?

A good way of looking at it is to understand the Aristotelian dilemma which implies that no society can be stable without a strong and vibrant middle class. Look around; and you will see that the onslaught is now being directed at the Middle Class; from the loss of jobs; uncertainty, bad education and manipulations of everything. The echoes of the 30s are back.

Rising global wealth inequality is now seen as a transnational threat, with Western Departments of Defense and Intelligencia presciently warning of a coordinated global middle class uprising in the coming years.

This anticipated backlash has been attributed to a pervasive decline in mainstream news quality and a countervailing rise in cyber-activism. While debt levels continue to set new records in the West, its media is blissfully peddling red herrings on an unprecedented scale. Google’s decision to de-rank articles from RT and Sputnik is just the latest manifestation of the West’s desperation to control the information matrix.

Yet, the black hole kept accruing ominous mass over the years; readying itself for an event horizon that may suck in nations, stock markets, livelihoods and lives into a fatal vortex.

The five massive cracks in the neo liberal economy’s foundation are converging for the first time in history. This landmark development will trigger the greatest depression ever seen, much worse than the 1929 Great Depression.  Social Security around the world which operates as a classic Ponzi scheme — (new contributions are used to pay off earlier contributors will end as the majority of government long ago tapped into Social Security savings to get elected, and there are not enough new contributors to pay those who already funded the system. If governments are honest, they will honour existing commitments and slowly end the program through attrition (keeping its commitments to those in the system but not taking new members). Single mothers will be demonised, those who did not save will be left to rot and a new underclass will emerge to challenge the elites. In fact, the United Nations is investigating the deep poverty in the United States, the world’s supposed richest nation claiming the situation has become a human rights issue.

This may explain why over 1200 US government organizations and just under 1900 are working on “counter terrorism”; or why just under a million people hold top security clearance and why over 33 super-secret complexes have been built since 2001 all carrying out intelligence work; but more important is that the rule of law has been regulated to the dustbin of history; there are now a class of untouchables in the world; they are protected by a cordon of security guards and policemen all armed to the teeth; yet paid for by those who are being oppressed.

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, these individuals have built up a Stasi (East German Ministry of State Security) like system with global reach and an unprecedented surveillance apparatus that can monitor people in real time anywhere in the world and take them out with drone fired from a missile.

So as the United States plays its last remaining strong hand, otherwise known in bridge as the Trump card, and given that the United States will benefit nothing from the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; one thing is clear, the United States has no cards left to play.


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