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The Crown Prince of Shame

MbS has completely destroyed Saudi Arabia's future and no Public Relations company can positively spin his shattered reputation

October 20


London , United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - 20 Oct 2018 - Ghassan Matar

MbS has elicited no shortage of analogies from journalists seeking to depict him as this visionary leader who was going to reform and modernise Saudi Arabia, off course most of this charm offensive was concocted by a tirade of PR companies, handsomely paid for sure; probably using the money MbS extorted from his family members and private Saudi businessmen.

These public relations companies were the same morally bankrupt companies that use their marketing skills to sell the Western populace propaganda and lies that embroil us in wars; the very same that promote everything that is bad for us, our planet and our humanity.

Whenever a PR campaign grabs my attention, it always reminds me of the CEO of a company accused of employing child laborers suddenly extolling a new charitable foundation? Or a public figure caught in a sex scandal suddenly turning toward a higher power?

I always roll my eyes at the behind-the-scenes PR pros who undoubtedly put their own “spin” on these incidents until their clients came out looking like roses instead of the scum they initially seemed to be.

This habit of spinning bad actions into a positive light is perhaps the top reason why humanity is diseased and is undoubtedly the reason that the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman or as the PR spinsters have dubbed him MbS felt that public perception can be managed with a few million worthless dollars, including outright murder.

Obama was also depicted in the very same light, the change president, the anti-war president and the transparent one. I myself, never bought into this nonsense. For me it's simple, seeing is believing and from the moment both were paraded before our eyes, there was nothing great about them, especially MbS. In fact, the more someone or something needs a massive and expensive PR campaign it should serve as a sign that what they are trying to sell to the public is unpalatable.

When news of the Jamal’s murder slowly seeped out, I immediately knew that this time it was not going to be business as usual. WeI couldn't wait for all the hypocrisy of our great leaders to ooze out like puss from an infected wound. We endured a year of recriminations from Theresa May about Putin and his henchmen; news outlets flooded stories about Russian aggression, election meddling.

We turned Russia into a pariah state, we created news laws to punish those around Putin such as the Magnitsky act, imposed sanctions and have literally brought the world to the brink of all out thermo nuclear war, but for MbS, just cautious rhetoric, a deep inner desire to close our all our senses; hoping this was just a nightmare and that it would all go away. For a week or so, it seemed that our maleficent leaders had no way out; and then the spinster began.

Trump was quick to use American jobs as the reason he would not cancel arms sales to Saudi Arabia; a bogus contract that Saudi Arabia can neither afford and does need. Trump then sent his ex-CIA chief and secretary of State Pompeo to agree to a common story; just like two guilty criminals; whom, after blundering a crime, agree to get their story straight.

Trump threw in a few words “Rogue Elements”; the Crown Prince wired $100 million, and stories began emerging about Jamal’s relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood, his close ties to Turkey, his suspicious past; even his connection to Bin Laden “aka the Terrorism connection”, you know the bogus war that has resulted in the death of millions of innocent people, a wave of terrorised immigrants fleeing their homeland and the destruction of the very pillar of the establishment that facilitated these despotic ideas in the first place.

Having had a special affinity to King Salman and out of respect for him; my wish was that MbS would see beyond his self preservation and that he would put his Islam, his country and father’s legacy above his greed and lust for power; when he decided to do the opposite, it was no longer appropriate to sit quietly by while they begin the cover up which will eventually turn the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi into a hundred other murders.

The murder of Khashoggi was an act of an imbecile. It was not the act of Rogue Elements within the Saudi Intelligence, because he stupidly took ownership of all decisions when he ousted his cousins and seized all the levers of power; MbS simply could not handle criticism because he is an insecure and weak leader who has failed at everything except extortion.

His forray into outright murder has shattered every illusion about him in the eyes of the millions of young Saudis who for a few moments believed those PR generated slogans about change and Vision 2030; much like the way Obama shattered the hopes and aspirations of the entire world when hope and change turned into meaningless PR jargon.

MbS has all but destroyed Saudi Arabia; rather than sacrificing himself for his country; he has sacrificed his country for himself and nothing he does from this point on will be about anything than remaining in power. From this point on, every western leader will extort the remaining riches of the Kingdom. Recep Erdogan will hold the alleged snuff video in his possession over the head of MbS every time he wants to extract a concession.

Qatar will un-doubtly pay top dollar for the video and do the same. The tape will eventually become a must-have item for doing business with the Kingdom, and as MbS continues to cling to power, the ghost of Jamal will haunt every day of rule; until that moment when the coffers are empty and the world is then subjected to the cruelty of this young man when the video is eventually leaked to the media.

The clean-up & cover-up process has already began and the first witness has met his comeuppance; Let's hope that each one of the remaining hit team meets the same fate; I shall shed no tears for them; but for every person killed to cover up MbS’s foolish decision, another will also need to be silenced, and innocent people will also needlessly die. Trump will undoubtedly feel right at home; maybe even find’s MbS’s foolish actions justifiable.

The mafia analogies aren’t just casual gibes, but speak to something fundamental in Trump’s background and character. In his younger days, Trump was mentored a mob lawyer, and he consorted with many criminals in addition to his seedy record that shows “repeated social and business dealings with mobsters, swindlers, and other crooks.

Trump’s career has benefited from a decades-long and largely successful effort to limit and deflect law enforcement investigations into his dealings with top mobsters, organized crime associates, labour fixers, corrupt union leaders, con artists and even a one-time drug trafficker whom Trump retained as the head of his personal helicopter service. Just what MbS needs at this juncture.

The mafia shouldn’t be seen as the antithesis of government, and rather as an alternative apparatus. The mafia thrives when the administrative state is weak or corrupt, and thus unable to protect and provide for its citizens. Like a mafia don, Trump promised he’d deliver for the people, even if it meant breaking the rules. The same is true for the Crown Prince of Shame (CpS).

From this point, any leader that meets with MbS or CpS as I will refer to him from now on, will be a participant in the coverup of the murder and guilty by association. Every company that signs a deal with him will share the very stigma.

Each one of these leaders will have the stain of Jamal’s blood on their sleeves and will prove, once and for all, their moral hypocrisy and bankruptcy.

As for those disgusting public relations agencies which decided that Jamal did not deserve a #JeSuis viral tweet, I shall create one for us; #WeWillAllEndUpLikeJamal


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