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China denies alleged contacts with Guaido's Envoys

China''s government denied reports of a meeting in Washington between its diplomats and envoys of Guaido, a self-proclaimed president

Feb 15


In response to questions by reporters about alledged  contacts between China and the self procalimed leader of Venezuela Juan Guaido, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang stated:

Q: I have two questions. First, is the Chinese government now in contact or has it had any contact in the past with Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido or any of his associates? And the second question is, is China concerned that if Guaido takes power, his government will try to renegotiate or refuse to pay Venezuela's outstanding debt to China?

A: Regarding your first question, China has made clear its position on the situation in Venezuela. So instead of repeating it here, I'd like to stress that the Chinese side has been in close communication with all parties in various ways on the situation in Venezuela.

We stand ready to work with all parties to promote peace talks and create favorable conditions for the proper settlement of this issue.

As for the debt issue you asked about, China-Venezuela relations are normal state-to-state relations. Our practical cooperation has been long-standing and is based on equality, mutual benefit, common development and commercial principles. It complies with laws and regulations and should be above any harm no matter how the situation may evolve.

Upholding the principle of equality, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development, China will continue to boost its exchanges and cooperation with Venezuela in various fields.