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Qureshi releases statement on Dhaka burglary

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry, led by foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, released a statement following a burglary at the High Commission in Dhaka

Nov 29


Following a burglary in the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said it is the Bangladeshi government’s responsibility to ensure the security of staff and items on the premises.

Unidentified burglars broke into the consular section of the facility on Nov. 22, stealing computers that contained “official records and sensitive data,” officials at the commission said.

The matter was reported to Bangladeshi police. Islamabad also informed Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry of the incident, and asked for security to be tightened on the premises, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“It has been underscored that as a host, it is the responsibility of the Bangladesh government to provide full security to the Pakistan High Commission premises,” the statement read. “Authorities in Bangladesh have been requested to carry out a thorough investigation, share a detailed report with us and bring the culprits to justice.”

Muhammad Aurangzeb Haral, the commission’s press counselor, told Arab News that the burglary occurred “just after the official closing, and the next two days were public holidays in Dhaka, so we noticed the incident on Sunday morning when we resumed work.

CCTV footage showed that soon after the incident, a cyclist informed police guards on duty of the thief’s suspicious movements. “But they didn’t take any action. What does this mean?” Haral said.

The burglary, which took place in the highly sensitive diplomatic zone, was “regrettable and a matter of grave concern for diplomatic missions,” he added: “It wasn’t an ordinary incident.” On Wednesday, police arrested six people, three of them for direct involvement in the burglary, and the others for involvement in trading the stolen goods.

“Our law enforcers took the matter very seriously, and we recovered the stolen goods within 48 hours of the case being filed,” Hayatul Islam Khan, deputy commissioner of the diplomatic security division of the Bangladeshi police, told reporters.

The incident occurred in the commission’s backyard, which is almost unprotected, he said, adding: “We’ve suggested that mission officials strengthen the protection measures of the mission compound.” Khan said: “Our police are always highly vigilant to ensure security in diplomatic areas.”